Martin Cheung

The work originalinstalled gallery viewinstalled gallery viewinstalled gallery viewclose up of hand written text on the photographother exhibitor's works in the gallery


Medium: B/W Resin coated paper, acrylic transparency

Dimension:  50 x 200 cm

Year Made:  1998

Exhibition Title:  International Erotic

Period: 6 Oct – 7 Nov 1998

Venue:  George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

Statement: Prostitution was site-specific made for a group exhibition called International Erotic. selected Artists had to present “eroticism” through their exhibiting works. 

 Eroticism is about curiosity and imagination, so is Art, because the viewer, depending on different background and understanding, interprets art works by means of these two things.

By showing myself in the image, I created an intimate relationship between the viewer and myself. I chose the floor location in the gallery entrance, so every visitor must pass by and STEP ON the work – MY BODY. 

 Underlining the main statement of the work-“Photography is a medium which especially concerns the ‘gaze’ : who is looking at who and who’s being looked at. So while the viewers use their imagination on my body in the photograph, I am the prostitute.”