light intersection

year | 2011

medium | fabric, tracing paper, wire, spot light, motor

dimension | H1.5 x W1 x L1 meter


Statement | An exhibition about light for a local magazine’s 35th years anniversary. I was inspired by the galaxy and wanted to create a similar environment at the exhibition space.

Mozi record a piece of text on pinhole imaging in “Mo Jing” :

” View, in the noon there is the end , and a long view , projection at the end .” *

” noon” is the middle of the two beams intersect meaning ;

” end” and have the ultimate meaning of microdots in the ancient Chinese.

“In the afternoon there is the end ” refers to the crossing point of light, ie pinholes .

In this work, I use one spotlight , irradiated stabbed more than a hundred pinholes on  a black paper, projected onto the surface of white gauze to simulate a Galaxy -like images.

*By transmitted light and imagination , limited tangible things can be turned into an infinite expanse of the universe.





「午」 是兩束光綫正中交叉的意思;

「端」在古漢語中有終極及微點之意 。




* 意譯為物体的投影之所以會出現倒象,是因為光是直線傳播的,不同方向射来的光束透過針孔相交而形成倒影。投射倒影的大小,在乎景物和針孔的關係 — 物距越遠,像越小;物距越近,像越大。


《Regeneration – The Spirit of Light》Exhibition

Opening: 13 Oct 2011, 18:00 – 20 :00

Venue: K11 Mall, B207, STAGE OF THE ARTS

Exhibition Date: 12-31 Oct 2011

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