detour 2010 | paper folding pinhole camera workshop

year | 2010

event | detour 2010

title | paper folding pinhole camera workshop

content | workshop on making a pinhole camera by folding a piece of A4 size paper, participants can develop an instant photo on site, with a dark bag.

The camera pattern I specially designed for the event, and graphic design was by students at Polytechnic University school of design. Then, the printed materials can be folded into a pinhole camera.

Each workshop contains 60-80 participants, so we had total of at least 300 people participated, probably the crowdest workshop I have ever conducted.

Special thanks to artist Beatrix Bang and Polytechnic University Students from School of design.

class size | 5 sessions, 60-80 each session

participants | Adults above 18 years old

venue | Central Police Station (Victoria Prison), Central

27 / 28 nov + 4 / 11 / 12 dec | 14:00 – 17:00


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