amnesty ren

year | 2011

medium | pinhole photography and Color negative film

dimension | 12 x 12 cm each


Brief | An Amnesty International’s 50 anniversary project. I was given a bunch of bee wax candles, made by a local urban bee keeper Michael Leung, who moulded wax into the shape of a Chinese character – REN, meaning HUMAN.

I am using the characteristic of pinhole photography, and by placing the REN in an chosen environment, attempt to create an heroic view for the HUMAN.


Ren_A1_Poster-V4 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-1 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-2 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-3 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-4 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-5 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-6 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-7 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-8 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-9 Ren_Candle-Photo_by_Studio_TM-Online_use-10IMG_6685